We are called the massage center because we provide the whole experience and care for all your needs.
Whether you only want to relax or recently involve in an accident, we can provide the kind of service you need. We will work with your insurance company for your on-going treatments. Our licensed massage therapists massage every ounce of tension out of your system. We have the experience of all kinds of massage techniques that will be suitable for your need. Get the best in massage and spa services from Ocean Relax Center in Bellevue, Washington.

This massage improves blood circulation, delivering oxygen and nutrients throughout the body more quickly. Choose from 60- and 90-minute sessions that are sure to reinvigorate you.

• Traditional Chinese Massage
• Swedish Massage
• Deep Tissue Massage
• Shiatzu Massage

• Thai Massage
• Reflexology Massage
• Tuina Massage
• Aromatherapy

Men and women are provided with separate spa rooms and facilities. Take advantage of our variety of relaxation services, including dry and steam saunas, and ION Cleanses.

We offer foot massage service which is a traditional Chinese reflexology treatment. The sessions have 3 different lengths, 30 minutes, 60 minutes, and 90 minutes to choose from. To get a foot massage you must call and schedule an appointment. Our foot massages help make you feel more relaxed and comfortable.
Please contact us at 425-562-1188 to schedule an appointment today!  
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